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Hello I am Anne, Owner of Peace of Mind Contact services. I am also hands on  Supervisor/Case Manager

I bring to Peace of Mind my vast experience working in Childcare for past 20 years.  I have my Cert III in Children Services, Blue card, and statement of attainment diploma in children services. I attended training in behavioural management and many others in my years of childcare. 


I  raised 4 children on my own, three beautiful women and one handsome man, I now have eight amazing grandchildren.  During the years I have owned my own business running Child Home Care services for working mothers, and have been involved in many Child Care activities, mediation, advocacy, and protection services.

I believe that all children are individuals with their own thoughts, feelings and past experiences which create the individual.  As an educator I strive to respect and nurture each child’s individuality, growth and development.  I believe children first need to discover who they are, so they are able to relate to others and become accepting of diversity.  I do this by ensuring that the interests, abilities and culture of every child and their family are understood, valued and respected through our continued promotion of cultural awareness and value in all children.

Further to this families play the most important role in a child’s life and I welcome and encourage family involvement.  I respect and encourage children’s’ need for family connections and will be providing input and feedback to families on their children’s supervised contact, also about how families can further advance children’s learning and development at home.  Therefore I encourage families to provide input and feedback about their child’s life outside of Peace of Mind and the Supervised contact program.

Through building a rapport with each child and their family, Peace of Mind can build trusting relationships, learn more about the child, their home life, culture, routines, likes, dislikes, fears and interests. This helps to make the child’s transition from home life to supervised contact more positive and less daunting.


At Peace of Mind we will strive to provide a safe, secure, stimulating and inclusive child supervised contact environment where all children will be nurtured and encouraged to grow and develop family relationships at their own pace. We foster each child’s needs to feel included, happy, healthy and safe, so every child can build self-esteem. 

I believe the children are the most important people in this service and will ensure to keep them as my top priority secondary to the parents.

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