Hi my name is Anne Knight I am the owner of Peace of Mind Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area. 


Peace of Mind Supervised Contact Teams paramount consideration are the rights and needs of a child’s physical and emotional well-being.  Supervised Contacts are conducted in a neutral child friendly and appropriate environment either Off-site or On-site in accordance with Court Orders or by Parent agreement.

Peace of Mind Supervisors understand Supervised Contact is often fraught with highly emotional trepidation, stress, anxiety, and frustration.  Peace of Mind also understand that each parent’s circumstances will be different in the establishment of Supervised Contact, with some children who may initially be resistant in engaging with the non-residential parent. Therefore Supervisor’s will sensitively guide the child/ren using skill and patience to develop a sincere relationship with their parent, and endeavour to alleviate any issues through positive negotiation, whilst adhering to Family Court Orders and/or parental agreements.


Peace of Mind Supervised Contact service purposes to afford the child/ren and their parents the opportunity to build & maintain positive quality relationships with one another. 

Peace of Mind does not have a waiting list.  It is subject to a supervisor’s availability and the successful completion of an Intake Interview procedure with each parent separately, as required through Legislation.