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Scope of Service Provision

Peace of Mind only offer services for which the staff have adequate qualification, training and experience to provide.

Peace of Mind will describe to parents, in both written format and verbally at intake interview, the nature of the services provided. Referral will be made to other service providers when a client’s issue falls outside of Peace of Minds charter and level of expertise.

Welfare of the child:

Subject to the precondition of the safety of all relevant people, the emotional and physical welfare of the child is the principle concern of Peace of Mind.  Any intervention of the service should benefit the child and not expose the child to harm or danger. The welfare of the child has, among other things, implications in relation to confidentiality and the limits to confidentiality, established and maintained clear guidelines on confidentiality, duty of care, and mandatory reporting requirements.


Peace of Mind will aim to ensure that the visit experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible for the child and others involved.  Staff will be respectful, courteous, conversely Staff will use assertive behaviour where necessary for the safety of each child’s contact visit; above all Peace of Mind will aim to facilitate positive parent/child interaction during contact visits for the benefit of the child. 


Services will aim to provide as much assistance as is reasonably possible to ensure the safety of the child and the safety of vulnerable parent’s at all relevant times.  The safety of all, including staff, should be treated as a prerequisite and not as something to be balanced, negotiated or compromised in any way. The service has fully developed policies and procedures regarding duty of care and reporting to authorities, which are fully developed and understood by all staff.


Services will be independent from the parties, the parental dispute and from other bodies or individuals involved in the family situation.  Peace of Mind will independently determine whether we are prepared to provide service and are able to accommodate each family.  

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