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All the important service benefits Peace of Mind can offer you in the facilitation of your child's needs:
             Peace of Mind Contact Service has NO WAITING LIST.

The child / children’s safety and well-being is of paramount importance.

Peace of Mind is an independent third party. The parents do not need to deal directly with each other.

Compliance of all legislation is upheld by Peace of Mind.

Peace of Mind consists of a highly skilled, qualified and experienced professional team.

We endeavour to provide a unique tailored service to your parental needs.

Confidentiality and impartiality is maintained.

Comprehensive supervision Reports appropriate to the Federal Court’s requirements can be prepared on each contact visit, either Court Ordered or requested.

Court attendance by a supervisor is available if subpoenaed by the Courts. Price quoted on request.

Collaboration amongst appropriate personal such as: Peace of Mind staff and/or Co-founders, Independent Children's Lawyer, and Legal representatives to reduce stress for you and your child.

Office Hours: 10.00am- 6.00pm Week Days

           Variable hours Weekends.

ABN:  81774461812

All contact through email for record keeping

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